The project consists of four subprojects. Each team member focuses on a particular subproject. The PI oversees the project throughout its duration and works on all aspects of the project.

PhD subproject: Expressing Disagreement

The overall aim of this subproject is to develop a theory of the way disagreement is expressed in dialogue which is philosophically motivated and appropriately incorporated into philosophical and linguistic conversational models.

Postdoc 1 subproject: The Logic of Rejection

The overall goal of this subproject is to develop a logic of rejection which is philosophically motivated, faithful to the linguistic phenomena, and expressively and proof-theoretically adequate. The subproject will ultimately lead to the development of a logical framework which integrates weak and strong forms of assertion and rejection.

PI subproject: New Foundations for Expressivist Semantics

The main goal of this subproject is to develop a novel approach to expressivist semantics and apply it to the case of negation, truth and epistemic modals. The approach involves bringing together expressivism with elements of the inferentialist tradition to give rise to a novel approach to natural language semantics: inferential expressivism.

Postdoc 2 subproject: The Emergence of Negation and Epistemic Modality

The overall goal of this subproject is to test the hypotheses for the raison d’être of negation and epistemic modals developed in the  New Foundations for Expressivist Semantics subproject by using computational techniques. An additional phase of the subproject applies the logical framework developed in the Logic of Rejection subproject to improve on extant computational models for the automatic detection of agreement and disagreement.